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Don't Look. See.

View all of your estate with all of your data, anywhere, any place, any time. Over a year, a month or the last 15 minutes. See it all - clearly and simply. Just add Vantage.

  • Estates masterplanning & space visualisation
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Vantage Estate DNA

Your Estate DNA

Visually interpret the makeup of your whole estate - by campus, building and room.

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Vantage DontLook.See.

Don’t Look. See.

Find what you need to view - hide what you don’t. Filter by space types, condition, department and more.

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Vantage Occupancy

Real-time Occupancy

See live occupancy of your spaces - use collected data to make decisions about future planning.

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Vantage Inventory

Down to the Details

Your building portfolio visualised down to the equipment in a single room. If it’s there, you can view it.