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Timetabling Analysis Tool

A high-level timetable modelling tool to appraise your estate against potential future demand, to determine, at high level, what rooms, by size should be considered in more detail to support your estate in the future.

The challenge

Working closely with both Universities and other training facilities, we quickly learned that timetabling analysis, in its traditional spreadsheet form, is a hugely complex and often challenging undertaking. We were determined to develop a tool which helped our clients to manage this data using a simple, visual interface.

The solution

Our timetabling tool enables the analysis of large volumes of booking requests, actual bookings, room capacities and occupancies across all teaching and tutorial spaces including specialist teaching areas such as laboratories. We take vast amounts of data and play it back in a visual, digestable format.

Analysing data

Interrogation of the data is completed on a single dashboard with the filtering of results by, building, school, course and semester, as well as by days and space type. Using our system you can:

  • assess impact of adjusting booking occupancy or frequency
  • test impact of headcount variations against existing estate
  • see impact of taking rooms offline or adding new ones

Easily accessible

The tool combines data from centrally timetabled booking applications such as Syllabus Plus aswell as locally controlled spaces, to provide a total picture available in a single easily accessed web based location. The tool also outputs data in a format which adheres to HEFCE definitions and therefore enables higher educational bodies to target efficiencies.