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Me + My Workplace

Gain a more complete understanding of what your employees do during their working day, where they do it, and how. It’s been rolled-out to over 300,000 staff across multiple sectors, scooping a mixology award along the way.

The challenge

The workplace has become an increasingly flexible environment, often still trying to keep pace with change. It’s simple to find out how long desks are occupied – but what about the rest of time? Traditional time utilisation studies can be cumbersome, time-consuming and invasive, meaning you often don't get an accurate reflection of the way your spaces are actually used.

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It's no longer good enough to know how many of your desks are occupied at any one time - you need to understand what staff are doing when they aren't occupying their desks. The best and most transparent way to do that is to ask the staff themselves.

The solution

Our award-winning interactive survey will find out exactly how your buildings and spaces around them operate, direct from the occupants themselves. The breadth of detail we capture from participants responses allows Me + My Workplace to help organisations to identify various working styles and support future planning, business transformations and a move to higher staff agility.

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Flexible interface

The survey is available on any internet enabled device, and has been optimised for the wide variety of mobile devices, laptops and desktops in use today.

How does it work?

It asks simple questions about how working environments are used via a clean and clear interface. With every answer, complex algorithms work behind the scenes to determine how that answer affects a person’s agility – culminating in a results page that plays back the level of agility by matching the user to the most closely associated worktype based on their answers.

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Supporting Communications

The survey can be supported by additional information through our Communication Portal, enabling us to 'set the scene' working with key stakeholders to provide messaging which explains its purpose as part of wider projects.

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More than a survey

It's important that staff are taken on the journey of change once the survey is completed. We have developed a huge amount of supporting material which helps to explain what survey outcomes mean - allowing staff to both take ownership of their answers, and be given the reassurance that any future design decisions are based upon information they have agreed to submit.

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Outputs for the business

Data gathered by the Me + My Workplace survey will help organisations understand readiness for change by showing building performance and staff needs - both current and future - along with their views regarding business transformation.