Communication Portal

An online engagement platform which enhances conversations between staff, project and design teams.

The challenge

When running a change programme, be it a change of culture or space, getting the right information, to the right people at the right time is often left to the toils of archaic company intranets or bi-weekly newsletters. Wouldn't it be great if you could access a single online resource from anywhere in the world, at any time, that was tailored to exactly match your brand messaging?

The solution

Our communication portal has been developed to rapidly deliver content to both project teams and staff - creating a single online gateway to any given project, big or small. We like to keep things simple. In the world of staff engagement there's a lot of messaging flying around, so we chose to give it a home which is no-nonsense and straightforward to use, available by a simple email which grants you access to all the latest project news and information through a searchable interface.

To brand, or not to brand?

The flexible way in which the portal is designed means that it's simple to reflect your project brand. The cleanliness of the interface is designed to work with any artwork. If you've not got something in mind, simply piggy-back on the established brand from our Me + My Workplace survey, which is a companion product to our portal. The choice is yours. We're easy.


Access and updates

In most cases, users can access the communication portal via their own individual link, which is emailed directly. Our email campaigns are visually rich and branded to match the project identity. Individual links enable log-in through a single click and allow users to participate in project conversations, as well as upload their own content through the 'thoughts & ideas' section.

Communication Portal Thoughts And Ideas

Penny for your thoughts

We actively encourage staff participation in the project process by enabling our 'thoughts & ideas' section - a headlines page for users to upload their own content. A great way of generating discussion and measuring, at a glance, the pulse of a project.

Portal-Statistics-Example 2

Vital statistics

We actively work with our clients to measure the sucess of published stories on our communication portals. Understanding which stories are popular and what the questions are enable us to target bespoke communications and react to change.