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An agile, lightweight toolkit designed as a diagnostic to help estates teams monitor their workspaces, and keep them running smoothly whilst exploring new workplace strategies.

The challenge

Time utilisation studies can sometimes be helpful to try quickly take the pulse of an organisation. But observing, note taking, walking many floors multiple times throughout the day for up to a week at a time and recording the findings in datasheets for further processing; these steps all add up when gathering enough information to benefit the intended audience. It can be days before the results are available.

The solution

We developed Clockwork as a digital solution to complement our suite of Me + My Workplace tools, to assist estates teams already familiar with our intuitive solutions to validate new workplace design, and help those who are just beginning the process of checking the health of existing worksettings.

The detail

Clockwork is an online gateway; a secure, intuitive framework to quickly identify the use of a space or zone with the tap of a finger. The tool gathers data each time it is used - date, time location. All that's needed is one or two taps --- a position and its use is recorded and made immediately accessible to the estates team, creating a live heatmap of utilisation. Hours, days and even weeks can be compared quickly across floors and buildings.

Wrap up

With the potential to gather occupancy data from a wide range of unobtrusive sources, from floor walking to presence detection, Clockwork perfectly complements Me + My Workplace. It enables estates teams to assemble ad-hoc data, quickly monitor existing utilisation, to test new workplace strategies and monitor their building metrics and provide building users with a comprehensive tool to find the spaces they need for their work.