3D Environment Viewer

A platform to bring together our skills in communicating complex data with our dynamic, interactive vision.

The challenge

We are always striving to find the most effective ways to communicate the complexity of estates data, and in the past, we used animated two-dimensional diagrams to tell our stories, but to truly appreciate and analyse the relationships between spaces and their occupants, we have begun to look to other innovative platforms to describe the large portfolios of both corporate and educational clients.

The solution

The Unity games engine has become an integral part of our digital delivery of complex Statements of Existing Requirements, and robust toolkit for examining estates strategy as part of masterplanning at a range of scales.

The detail

We developed a framework to enable us to quickly model estates, their buildings and internal space and link this to external data which can be provided either by detailed spreadsheet or our secure online database. This flexibility enables many datasets to be loaded and examined, giving a high level view over existing and proposed estates strategies.

Wrap up

The connection between people, place and purpose is always changing, and the new perspective on estates data a real-time viewpoint affords us means every angle in an estates strategy is covered.