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360 Viewer

Invaluable to both occupants and project team members to understand the location of rooms and equipment. The 360 degree photographs enable a full panoramic view of the facilities.

The challenge

Buidings are complex. All those rooms full of stuff and things - it's really difficult to keep track of it all. As we found out, buildings, especially ones which have been inhabited for a number of years (walls moved, doors added, plug sockets covered) are often poorly documented - making the job of designing new spaces a damn sight more difficult. And don't get us started on the equipment contained within them...

The solution

As the technology became available we seized the opportunity to find a better way of documenting spaces. What better way to get the measure of a room, than by photographing it in 360 degrees. Once. And capturing everything there is to see. Done. Once you've done this for every room in a building you've got yourself a detailed reference point to go back to again and again, without setting foot out of the office.


Rooms and equipment can be accessed from a search function, making it simple to find the type of space required. You can also search by other metrics like room size or type.

The technical bit

All these images can link to a database, displaying equipment detail, environmental criteria or building management information. Cross referencing is also available to space budgets, room data sheets and FM systems such as Archibus. The tool is available on all devices online and tiered security access can be provided.

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