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Ever heard the phrase “measure twice, cut once”? Sometimes, you’ve got to measure a few times before you’re ready to cut. We spend a lot of our time musing, sketching, re-sketching, revisiting ideas, staring out of train windows and working our grey matter. The journey towards a design solution is just as compelling as the destination - so it's time we gave the journey some recognition.

This is a space for you to see some of our work before it hits the polished sections of our website. It’s a bit like nosying through someone else's cupboards (don’t pretend you don’t love doing that). Think of it as a turbo-charged Instagram feed; a window into the day-to-day world of iDEA.

01/07/19 - Photographer In Residence

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Capturing the finer details

What better way to kick-off this new section to the website than with a shout-out to one of its co-creators. As you might know, at iDEA, we pride ourselves on our eclectic mix of disciplines from right across the design spectrum. We strongly believe that it's this creative diversity that drives us forward.

We're lucky enough to have acquired the services of the talented Kitty Rowley, who is not only helping to script our online voice, but also, is serving as our chief visual-capturer (yes, we've just made that a thing).

With a fantastic eye for detail and penchant for a macro, she will be documenting our projects through the camera lens (both still and in motion) - helping us to tell the compelling stories of what we see/learn/experience/uncover/laugh at on a daily basis.