University of Leeds Teaching Space Audit Mockup on iPad

University of Leeds

In November 2018, we worked with ADP to survey approximately 600 teaching rooms on the University’s main campus.

Teaching space audit

Rather than relying on purely analogue techniques, we built a web application for the team to use, recording extensive assessment criteria, documenting each space with 360° panoramic images, and seamlessly uploading their observations to our online space auditing tool. With findings available in real time, the spaces were then visualised using an interactive 3D model of the main campus.

Here, they can be filtered by type, building, capacity, and owner, alongside agreed assessment criteria chosen by the University, from the quality of the room, AV and IT to health and wellbeing. Trends in quality and location can be identified, informing the University’s strategic decisions on future capital investment.

  • Date: November 2018 - March 2019
  • Size: 32,900m2
  • Role: Teaching Space Auditor, Application Development