UCL Sketch of Bloomsbury Campus


Working closely with the University over a 10 month period, we developed a comprehensive, evidence-based accommodation masterplan, guiding them towards UCL’s vision for 2034; one of continued growth, becoming a cornerstone of the global research community.

Bloomsbury blueprint

The masterplan captures both supply; the scale, condition and connectivity of the University’s 600,000m2 estate, its proximity to hospitals, research and culture, and demand; the distribution of UCL’s current population, their teaching, timetabling, growth and residential requirements.

Through detailed interviews with Faculty and non-Faculty staff, we formed an understanding of their requirements for space present and future and were able to model over a decade of informed supply and demand data for the University.

  • Date: October 2018 – July 2019
  • Size: 600,000m2
  • Role: Briefing Consultant
UCL - The Fabric of Our Estate