RAF Adjacency Diagram

Royal Air Force

The RAF base in Halton is to close. We helped the RAF to develop the detailed requirements for a significantly larger, co-located training facility at RAF Cranwell.

Radar guided

The Recruits Training Squadron and the Airmen’s Command Squadron are therefore to relocate from RAF Halton to RAF Cranwell, the current home of Office Cadet Training. All clear? Good then we’ll proceed. Through a combined process of interviews, site tours, workshops, timetable analysis and online surveys, we have been able to build up a clear picture of current operations, enabling us to create an accurate 3D model of the site from which to plan future scenarios. By undertaking a detailed analysis of these RAF sites as they operate today, we aim to identify where the RAF can make positive changes for the future.

  • Date: July 2016 – April 2017
  • Size: 110,000m2
  • Role: Strategic Briefing
RAF Timetabling Image Grab
RAF 3D Environment Viewer Screengrab 2
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RAF 3D Environment Viewer Screengrab 2