Rolls Royce Purple Breakout Booth With Meeting Rooms


Consolidation of more than 1000 staff from two out-of-date manufacturing sites into a new, world class engineering and manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing change

Over 6 years we took a multidisciplinary organisation from obsolete workspaces to a fluid, interactive and unified workspace. From the initial brief, highlighting the problems and finding solutions, through site massing studies to maximise connectivity between different parts of the business, we supported our client from start to finish.

  • Date: November 2011 – January 2016
  • Size: 6,000m2
  • Role: Briefing, Design Monitoring, Interior Design
Rolls Royce View Down To Street
Rolls Royce Meeting Room With Circuit Board Graphic
Rolls Royce Green Booth With Plane Nose Graphic
Rolls Royce Entrance Breakout (Outside View)
Rolls Royce Blue Meeting Room In Use Triangle Manifestation
Rolls Royce Blue Breakout Area
Rolls Royce Red Lockers Through Meeting Room Glass
Rolls Royce Red Meeting Booth & Breakout
Rolls Royce Street View With Planters
Rolls Royce Blue Meeting Booth