Paragon Workplace Centre Desks


A new consolidated office space, home to the newly merged global construction company. Paragon Interserve wanted a flexible workplace where teams can collaborate - facilitating the ebb and flow of colleagues from all over the UK in a welcoming environment.

The palette of materials was selected for their sustainability and longevity. Clean, modern and natural surfaces enabled us to play on the interesting building form by overlapping textures and shapes through floor finishes, timber panelling and graphic manifestation delivering a subtle but dynamic rhythm to the interior. The space delivers on Paragons’ desire to get the maximum out of a relatively small footprint, providing a space that brings two sides of the business together, whilst still providing them with their own sense of identity. Subtle references to both brands are found in soft furnishings, lockers and bespoke carpet design within the hub. It was important the space didn’t feel overly corporate but still highly professional with collaboration at its heart.

  • Date: July 2020- September 2020
  • Size: 462m2
  • Role: Interior Design
Paragon Initial Sketches