OGA High Backed Chairs


As a completely new organisation, this project provided the opportunity to help the newly formed Oil & Gas Authority create an identity and new way of working from scratch. It promptly scooped up an award for its troubles.

Oil change

With OGA being both a public and private facing organisation, we donned our most diplomatic hat in preparation for the sort of scrutiny a project of this type (quite rightly) attracts, both in Aberdeen and nationally. We worked carefully with the management team to ensure that the project brief we developed, choice of location and the look and feel of the fit-out incorporated best practice from both government and private sectors. This project received an award from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) for the Scottish Facilities Management Project of the Year 2017, at which point we donned our party hat.

  • Date: July 2016 – September 2017
  • Role: Interior Design, Space Planning, Briefing Development
OGA Large Wall Graphic Map
OGA Office Space With Coloured Lockers
OGA Office Area With Statement Walls
OGA Joinery Into Tea point
OGA Meeting Room With Statement Wall
OGA Typographic Wall
OGA Tea Point Towards Typographic Wall
OGA Tea Point / Cante
OGA Booth Seating
OGA Desks With Green Dividers
OGA Lockers