OFWAT Team Table & Breakout Split


Refreshing the home of the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales by consolidating their central London offices by 50% and creating a vibrant, flexible space for agile workers.

Making waves

By removing dedicated offices which hogged the best views, we were able to create an open, light-filled shared team space with accents of bright colours and bold landscape graphics. Sustainable solutions were selected for finishes and materials where possible - in fact more than 50% of furniture was retained and re-purposed, or redeployed in other offices. We’re proud to say we picked up the Mixology ‘Public Sector Interiors Product of the Year’ award for our work.

OFWAT Table With Task Chairs
OFWAT Touchdown Through Glass (Straight On)
OFWAT Meeting Pod
OFWAT Table Lamps
OFWAT Striped Carpet & Joinery
OFWAT Green Meeting Room (Angle)
OFWAT Red Task Chairs & Lamps