OFWAT Team Table & Breakout Split


Refreshing the home of the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales by consolidating their central London offices by 50% and creating a vibrant, flexible space for agile workers.

Making waves

By removing dedicated offices which hogged the best views, we were able to create an open, light-filled shared team space with accents of bright colours and bold landscape graphics. Sustainable solutions were selected for finishes and materials where possible - in fact more than 50% of furniture was retained and re-purposed, or redeployed in other offices. We’re proud to say we picked up the Mixology ‘Public Sector Interiors Product of the Year’ award for our work.

  • Date: February 2016 – December 2017
  • Size: 41,000m2
  • Role: Space Planning, Interior Design
OFWAT Table With Task Chairs
OFWAT Touchdown Through Glass (Straight On)
OFWAT Meeting Pod
OFWAT Table Lamps
OFWAT Striped Carpet & Joinery
OFWAT Green Meeting Room (Angle)
OFWAT Red Task Chairs & Lamps