WORK - MOJ Pilot (Phase 2) - touchdown, booths, benches, pods, breakout space

Ministry Of Justice

We were commissioned to undertake workplace research to challenge the department and explore opportunities to improve their workplace culture and office portfolio.

Following a period of analysis we produced a movie positioning the impact the first four months of the pandemic had on the department’s space use, energy saving, travel reduction and running costs. Most importantly it considered the technology shift and physical and mental wellbeing of staff working remotely.

See the movie below

This movie set the scene for a Senior Leadership Event that paved the way for a pilot project at their London HQ site. The pilot was built at the end of 2020 and explores an environment that is solely designed for collaboration in various forms, including enclosed pod space for 1:1 virtual connectivity and a permeable layout that provides natural separation between settings. The pilot was a deliberate challenge that did not incorporate traditional work stations. The pilot was further rolled out in Leeds.

iDEA are now working on further development of the pilots within the London head office site and rolling them out on multiple floors.