Meggitt - Lots of four person breakout spaces


A ground-breaking consolidation project bringing together 600 highly skilled engineers from multiple locations under one roof.

We created a new blueprint for Meggitt global locations with a workplace in which world-class innovation and operations thrive to meet current and future customer needs worldwide.

The new workspace is collaborative and fit for purpose, with multi-functional team areas to accommodate core members and have the ability to flex to allow colleagues to join as needed. Boundaries are fluid to allow teams to ebb-and-flow across floors and respond to fast changing business demands. Crucially, the space works because staff have been involved in shaping it.

Giving staff a voice, listening to them, playing back ideas and bringing the scheme to life in many imaginative ways has worked. It has meant that staff were ready for the change and that they embrace the opportunities. With the move to Ansty, iDEA has helped Meggitt drive cultural change and create an environment that facilitates the highest levels of quality safety and professionalism.

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