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The University of Manchester

Manchester Engineering Campus Development (MECD) is a new build project for the University of Manchester which, when completed in 2020, will provide a new home for 8,000 staff and students.

Engineering visibility

We compiled the initial brief and vision for this ambitious project, challenging many long held practices and beliefs whilst maintaining the support of staff and students. We delivered a 40% reduction in area from the ‘lift and shift’ requirement and our role continued through to overseeing the appointment and handover to the Design Team.

  • Date: May 2013 – December 2015
  • Size: 80,000m2
  • Role: Strategic Briefing, Communications
MECD WIP - BIM Diagram
The University Of Manchester MECD Workshops William & James
MECD 01 Workshop
MECD Workshop 02
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The University Of Manchester MECD Floor Sticker
The University Of Manchester MECD Table Sticker
The University of Manchester MECD Laptop Screen Portal


We used 360 photography as the basis of our campaign - creating a visual talking point to raise awareness of the survey. We established a Communication Portal to both play back our project activities (including workshop outputs and survey data) and to encourage particpation by inviting staff and students to upload their own thoughts on the project.

MECD university clean room suite 2