WORK - Iconsys - Building Exterior


Following a 2020 re-brand to refocus their mission statement and values, Iconsys (Independent Control Systems Ltd.) moved to a new HQ which required a new creative, smart and agile office space to match their refreshed ambitions.

Together with Base Architects in Shrewsbury, we crafted an office space to cater for 53 staff plus 20% growth. The front part of the building contains the main office with two floors - with workshop space situated at the rear of the building. As a small creative project, we maintained a great client relationship - they were open to new ideas and had their own creative thoughts on this project which we worked hard to incorporate. The new space contains a fantastic mix of work-settings to aid collaboration, including a reception area, client area, meeting rooms, technology training area, offices and quiet office - as well as a open plan office space with workstations. We’ve created a compact, cohesive space with a creative mix of furniture that enforces their brand and sets them up for the future.