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Home Office

This Home Office project involved moving 1,500 people from Central London into two 1960’s office blocks in Croydon.

Bold design, rapid delivery

Jointly housing 3,500 people and with an inefficient use of space, Lunar and Apollo buildings needed some serious re-planning in order to accommodate new tenants. Fitting out 42 floors over 18 months is no mean feat and after maximising the space to it’s full potential, the final construction phase saw an impressive one floor completed every two weeks.

  • Date: February 2016 - December 2017
  • Size: 41,000m2
  • Role: Space Planning, Interior Design
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Home Office Team Meeting Table
Home Office Carpet Close Up
Home Office Wayfinding 'Floor 6'
Home Office Large Number Lifts
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Home Office Lockers & Seating
Home Office Restaurant Area
Home Office Lockers And Soft Seating
Home Office Large Number Lifts Landscape
Home Office Breakout Area
Home Office Rounded Partition With Acoustic Elements