BNY Mellon Reception Breakout Area

BNY Mellon

As the Bank of New York Mellon celebrated it’s 50th year of business in the UK, we were tasked to reimagine their Manchester offices to create a flagship workplace to act as a global facility, fit for the future.

Global brand, local heart

15 years after designing the original offices, we returned to refresh the space for a more modern work setting. With our unique brand of functional, flexible design we created a variety of work settings with opportunity for greater collaboration between staff. Our team created the wall graphics, colour scheme and finishes, combining universal BNY Mellon elements with aspects that are uniquely ‘Manchester’.

  • Date: February 2017 – October 2017
  • Size: 8,500m2
  • Role: Interior Design
BNY Mellon Desks Overlooking Atrium Space With Yellow Acoustics
BNY Mellon Scheme Design A3 Document
BNY Mellon 'The Place' Restaurant
BNY Mellon Restaurant 'The Place' Branding
BNY Mellon Meeting Room Signage Overview
BNY Mellon Meeting Room Signage Burgess
BNY Mellon Meeting Room Signage Warren