8043 Observability iPad Mockup Crop


We were approached by AstraZeneca’s IT Service Analytics team to create a flexible and engaging brand identity to support their Digital Observability programme - defined by its ability to monitor, detect and resolve critical IT threats on a 24-7 basis.

Although the process ultimately culminated in the design of a brand and supporting visual language to be used internally to promote and raise awareness of the programme, the project initially focussed on the tone, style and method of communication most applicable to the client themselves. Before getting to the creative sessions regular conversations helped us to get ‘under the skin’ - what they do, how they do it and why. This deliberate focus on us being in ‘receive mode’ ultimately meant the outcome was far more successful. A toolkit of identities, illustrations and icons were crafted for the team to quickly be able to create material of their own.

8043 Observability Branding-Identity-Mock-Up-Vol4
8043 Observability MainBrand Finessed-1