iDEA and GGAT have been awarded the Peter Neaverson Award for Digital Initiative and Innovation for the 3D reconstruction of the Ynysfach Ironworks animation.

iDEA worked closely with GGAT to create the 3D reconstruction of the Ynysfach Ironworks, drawing on a rich body of archeological evidence gathered from photography of contemporary Ironworks sites, plans and diagrams of equipments and machinery from resources in the Historical Record, and from the site excavation record itself.

Working from a single dimension - the height of the blast furnaces (recorded at 53 ft.) - and a context provided by surviving structures - the blast furnace and reconstructed Northern Engine House - iDEA's team brought this important industrial site back to life.

Special effects such as smoke and flame evoke the atmospheric processes and working conditions at Ynysfach, while photorealistic textures and animated figures place the site in the correct historical context.

An informative bilingual voice over and rousing soundtrack complete the picture depicting the pioneering Welsh Process of refining cast iron used at the Ironworks in it's heyday in the early 19th Century.

Please take a look: Ynysfach Ironworks Animation