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We find the connection between people and space.

A large proportion of our work comes under the banner of 'workplace design' - but what does that mean? Most people associate this with office design, but that’s often not the case. What we actually do is work with our clients to solve the design challenges of the places and spaces where they work, wherever that may be. It could be a 20-storey office block, or it could be a recording studio, a military base, a university building or an engineering workshop. Workplace design doesn’t always have to mean desks, chairs and overbooked meeting rooms.

Why we work
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  • Found some old sketches. Here’s one of the reception desk at 102 Petty France in Westminster.
  • 3 of 3 - Bank of New York Mellon, Manchester
It’s never easy to make a copy point exciting, but we gave it a go by creating wall graphics and signage to enhance all the support spaces and meeting rooms. Click the link in our bio for more images.
Photo credit: @simonagerphotography
  • 2 of 3 - Bank of New York Mellon, Manchester
We have a long history working with the bank. 15 years ago we designed this same office space for them, but a lot’s changed in since then, so they invited us back to refresh the space into a more modern work environment.
Photo credit: @simonagerphotography
  • 1 of 3 - Bank of New York Mellon, Manchester
Last year the Bank of New York Mellon celebrated it’s 50th year of business and we were tasked with redesigning their Manchester offices to create a standout workspace fit for the future. .
Photo credit: @simonagerphotography