Solving Spaces &
Evolving Workplaces

We enhance the connection between people and place.

A large proportion of our work comes under the banner of 'workplace design' - but what does that mean? Most people associate this with office design, but that’s often not the case. What we actually do is work with our clients to solve the design challenges of the places and spaces they work, wherever that may be. It could be a 20-storey office block, or it could be a recording studio, a military base, a university building or an engineering workshop. Workplace design doesn’t always have to mean desks, chairs and overbooked meeting rooms.

In response to the ongoing health crisis, we will not be attending all site visits or presentations in person. However, please be assured we will continue to offer our usual mix of problem solving, creativity and enterprise from wherever we are to wherever you are. Look after yourselves.

Why we work
  • The “Dunsford Arms” Virtual Pub opens its doors to iDEA staff for the first time this year! 

#virtualevents #lockdownlife #virtualpub
  • Our iDEA Talking this Wednesday was presented by Nathan who biweekly shows and creates our Newsletter and birthday cards, and what a presentation it was!⁠⠀
Here is a little sneak peak into what a treat (and laugh) we had! ⁠⠀
Can you see who is photoshopped onto who?⁠⠀
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  • Putting the final touches on our #2020 review video. What a rollercoaster it’s been!  #comingsoon #watchthisspace
  • #Throwback to when @cimaglobal made the decision to completely transform the way they operated as a brand - the final piece of the jigsaw was for us to redesign their workspace.

We created something which deliberately moved away from a typical 'accountancy' environment and propelled them into a new era.

#design #brand #creative #environment #workplacedesign
  • #fromthearchives 

A decade ago we worked with @cocacolaeu to engage with their staff on the vision for their offices in #2020 

Using simple stop motion, we were able to capture the essence of the forum sessions - the loose coming together of ideas and opinions - into a structured narrative which we shared back with the staff in an online video. 

Not sure anyone could have truly predicted 2020 however... 

#videocontent  #marketing #engagement #stopmotionanimation #communicationstrategy
  • We're now bringing those forgotten outside spaces back into play (and work). Will the use of forgotten outside space become pivotal in the office of the future? #future #innovation #arhcitecture #futureofwork #interiordesigning
  • Let's find a festive photo of our office, they said - challenge accepted! #flashbackfriday
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