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Great design, delivered well.

Complex problems, solved simply.

A large proportion of our work comes under the banner of 'workplace design' - but what does that mean? Most people associate this with office design, but that’s not always the case. What we actually do is work with our clients to solve the design challenges of the places and spaces they work, wherever that may be. It could be a 20-storey office block, or it could be a recording studio, a military base, a university building or an engineering workshop. Workplace design doesn’t always have to mean desks, chairs and overbooked meeting rooms.


More than just workplace designers.

Key to our success are the analytical and visual tools we invent to help communicate ideas. We have developed in-house software that can visualise property teams' estate data and drawings within a game engine environment. Here they can be intuitively explored and presented, globally and easily.


We have taken the inscrutable backbone of space planning, the space budget, and transformed it into an interactive online tool for users to participate in scenario planning live. Might not sound like much, but it allows us to work alongside our clients to accurately forecast future models, together.

We are also developing live tracking and 3D visualisation of occupancy, based on wifi signals - also pretty nifty.

iDEA in motion? We certainly are.

Increasingly, and especially this year, we are supporting our projects and clients by producing videos and animations to summarise developing strategies and design development. These add to the content we edit, host and manage on our project comms portals, providing further conversations and involvement between clients, staff and consultants.


You should check us out on YouTube and Instagram to see more of iDEA in motion. Whilst you're at it, check us out on LinkedIn too - just search @designedbyidea to find us.

University challenge, accepted.

We have cemented our position as niche briefing and accommodation masterplanners across the HE sector. Having worked with over a dozen of the UK's top universities, we currently have live projects with the universities of Hull, Manchester, King's College, Royal College of Art and UCL. These range from a full design scheme for the RCA, to accommodation masterplanning and strategy for c. 600,000m2 at UCL.


This is a sector where we have benefited from client retention and client referral. Great work, delivered well. Complex problems, solved simply.

Perfectly formed.

For a practice of our size, we're proud to trumpet our range of clients and projects, but why not take a look for yourself.

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